Vivian Sayward

When Vivian began playing golf, she didn’t like most of the golf clothes that were on the market for women. So she began her own sportswear company, Vivacity Sportswear. The company has expanded beyond just golf clothes into other lines and she left her career in bio-tech/pharmaceutical finance and marketing to run the business full time. A strong tenet of her business success is to give back.

“When I was first introduced to Pro Kids | First Tee San Diego I knew this was an organization I wanted to be a part of. Their program spoke to me on so many levels – it’s so much more than just golf – life skills, education and opportunities for success,” stated Ms Sayward.

She enjoys being with the girls from Pro Kids | The First Tee San Diego and has hosted fashion design classes for them through her company. She also loves playing golf with them. “They teach me,” she added.

Ms. Sayward is a member of The Crosby Country Club. This year she was also elected to the Board of Directors of Pro Kids | The First Tee San Diego.